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Are you 'Wall' ready for Back to School?

With the diminishing euphoria of kids being back into school and having a sane scheduled routine, it's now time to move the focus back to the future! September to December being the longest academic term for all tweenagers and teenagers, my tingly designer senses urge to spruce up their rooms/study areas/caves/dungeons/adults not invited spaces.

All that would be required is a lil change here and there, as the personal goal is always to make their space comfy, relaxed, welcoming, open to creativity… and yes to always keep your toughest client happy!

Things to be considered, after considering your precious’s favorite colour, designer, latest trends and sometimes even their bae (no, not really… my house, my rules… oh how I wish!) are Walls - your showstopper for an instant uplift.


A mural adds an instant impact to any room. Add colored murals or anything that adds pop of energy to the walls.

Suggestions: Komar - Rebel walls - Mr Perswall - NGC Nafees

Wall paper

A wallpaper to calm your senses down or to uplift your spirits

Suggestions: nbc names, rebel walls, Mr Perswall.

Reading Nook

Another small change with a big impact is an addition of a reading nook. A corner seating specially to help those wired up tweenagers relax and calm the nerves off the competitive edge.

Chalk Paint Wall

Paint a wall with chalk board paint. It helps kids with math theorems, chemistry determinations, or simply creative designing skills giving them a place to doodle their thoughts out.

Suggestions: Ace hardware


Customized decals can help add personality to a room. Try music symbols, race cars, or dressed up fashion dolls.

Suggestions : wall cravings

Wall shelves

For taste & style while taking care of form and function by adding a fun bookshelf to a room that bears the weight organizing the clutter.