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Penny wise, pound ... ouch!

Interesting day! I happened to visit a clients place today, his living room was almost done according to him but as soon as I walked in I felt so sorry.

He had bought 2 new rugs but it was too small for the area, the tv unit was on an incorrect wall making the room look cold when the sofas should’ve been there, the client would never ever be able to close the doors as the dining table was too big, dining chairs will be blocking the walk way to the living room! It was heart breaking to see the wrong size of coffee tables blocking further circulation into the seating area!

The amount he spent was atrocious buying incorrect sizes n mismatching furniture when we could’ve completed that room with lamps and accessories in the same value or less from reputable brands in Dubai including my fees! 

Obviously it was too late for me to help him as the return dates were done past with...

I’m left feeling so sad fr this Client for being so hasty. He had spent so much, wish he had taken professional advice before. 

Hope you’re not making the same mistake! 

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