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Let's 'Fall' in Love with Grenadine - Pantone 2017

October 1st 2017

‘Fall’ is in the air! October marks the beginning of fall. A beautiful time of the year filled with colors, cooler weather, sorting of closets, freshening up the woollies … that is if you own any, given the UAE weather!

As per the Pantone Color Institute, a dynamic Grenadine Red and a tawny Autumn Maple, top the color palette for Fall 2017. Now as you begin to update your wardrobe with these colors for the season, your place can be spiced up just a bit to give you a similar sense of confidence when you return home to your loved ones\one or none.

Just as a red tie or socks (a red belt or earrings for ladies) would spruce up your old grey suit for work, similarly a red cushion would have the same uplifting effect on your grey, black or white couch.

A red handbag would give your outfit the same spunk that a couple of red dining chairs or bar stools would to your kitchen or dining table. However, this beautiful, colorful, magic word ‘Fall’ doesn’t work when I stand on my weighing scale and wish the same for the dreaded numbers it shows me!!!

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