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The Future of Online E-design Services

I know you probably don’t need to be convinced, let’s just say if your Amazon or even your Noon cart looks anything like mine, most of your Christmas gift shopping is already sorted. But furniture sales are their own beast. So what makes online e-design shopping for interior styling service more common than ever?

1. Consumers are Far More Tech Savvy

It’s so convenient and easy to research products online, compare prices and find the best deals. There is also purchase confidence that customer reviews provide, and the highly detailed product images.

2. Better Variety

The amount of time it would take you to go to all of the big brand stores to shop for a couch would be insane. Online the options are endless, and easy to save and click through. By jumping online you can quickly browse everything in every collection and in every possible variation in a matter of minutes.

3. Better Prices

Some stores that don’t carry the same overhead costs as others, and can offer their products at cheaper prices.

4. Fast and Convenient Shipping

Thanks to e-commerce, online shopping has made us wildly impatient. As online e-designers jump on board to offer fast, efficient offers, the convenience and ease of shopping online is making it harder or brick and mortar stores without e-commerce features to compete.

5. Amazing Customer Service

With live chat support, fast delivery, premium service, hassle-free engagement and so much more, companies are going the extra mile to support their customers. And because of this, consumers are more comfortable than ever with checking out online.

6. The Convenience of Shopping from Home 24/7

There’s no need to go out in horrible weather, heat of Dubai or black ice of Toronto to deal with traffic or stand in line at crowded stores and don’t get me started on finding parking. Online you can shop multiple stores in a fraction of the time, from the comfort of your living room sofa. And that’s what one really needs, a comfortable place to live in.

This long list of perks combined with tech advancements has created a perfect storm for e-Design to become a changing force in our industry.

This is not a fad service that’s going away anytime soon. The future of interior design is online and as a designer it just makes sense to learn how you can adapt from the changing tides of the industry.


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