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A Monochromatic Metallic Boo!

O for October O for Orange Ooooohhhh it's Halloween!!! If trick or treat is not your cup of tea as treats go straight to your rear even if you just look at them, then perhaps just some changes in décor is a better distraction! A dash of orange might get you ready for Halloween. An orange tan is not one of them… it never was... Haha!! This fall trending is an interesting combination of monochromatic theme.  White, Silver, Gold or Brass painted pumpkins are the main attraction with foliage wreaths & glanced up skull decors. I must say, it looks beautiful and is quite a pleasant change with a touch of bling instead of the traditional orange.

For an easy DIY monochromatic decorations, following are some tips:

- Choose Pumpkins\gourds of the size you prefer and wrap their stems with painters' tape.

- Then select some high gloss metallic spray paints ... preferably ivory, black, silver, gold - Spray generously to make sure you cover every nook n cranny and do more than a couple of coats to bring out the shine in it. - let it dry completely before decorating it any further .

waited pumpkins

To glam them up you can use rhinestones, permanent markers, beads... the choices are unlimited!

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