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It's Thanks Giving! Thank a little, Give a little ...

Due to its sharp features, bright hues and majestic appearance, turkey is the most familiar symbol and the highlight of a Thanksgiving meal. Cooking the turkey in the perfectly succulent way accompanied by the seemingly effortless gravy and enough side dishes to feed an army, is as important as setting up the dining table right for the awaiting family and friends.

Since it’s that time of the year when the family gathers around the table, leaving all their differences behind, great attention to minor details in laying the table and the dishes reflects your thoughts and love towards your loved ones.

Bring out the bling!... it’s the perfect time of the year for your distinct polished silverware to shine. Whether it’s a sequined tablecloth, feather table mats, bejeweled napkin rings, glittered center piece… make your table a head turner even before the food is laid on it.

Pay attention to lighting to make your table decorations pop. Although, stay away from candles, as the aroma of the delicious turkey should engulf your dining area to get your guests hungry.

Enjoy Thanksgiving with your family!

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